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Suitable for all paint types, Scratch Remover polishes out common paint defects such as scratches, wear & tear or bird lime marks while renovating & enhancing gloss finish in one easy action.

  • Polishes out most types of common paint defects
  • Removes scratches, defects, car wash marks & oxidisation
  • Unique formula renovates & enhances gloss finish in one easy action
  • Also restores faded colour
  • Ideal for use with foam & wool compounding pads
  • Suitable for all paint types
  • Leaves a bright, reflective gloss finish
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Scratch Remover will polish out most types of common paint defects; scratches from car wash brushes, wear and tear around door handles, marks left by bird lime etc. The unique formula renovates and enhances gloss finish in one easy action. Suitable for use with foam and wool compounding pads, this universal scratch remover and renovator is suitable for all paint types.

Features & Benefits

  • Universal renovator for all paint types on cars, motorbikes, boats
  • Removes scratches, defects, car wash marks, oxidisation & restores faded colour
  • Leaves a bright, reflective gloss finish 
  • For best results combine with Xpert-60 Polishing pads: Lambswool: P1500/P2000 scratches; White Cutting Foam: P3000 scratches; Orange Swirl Remover Foam: P4000 scratches

Directions for use:

By Hand: Can be used by hand with a cotton cloth for localised area scratch removal e.g. around door handles.

By Machine:

Ensure paint is clean & free from dust. Do not work in direct sunlight or on hot surfaces. Shake well before use.

  1. Apply product to paint surface and spread to a thin even layer using pad.
  2. Set machine speed to 1200-2000 rpm (free running), polish up paint surface, reducing pressure as film starts to clear.
  3. Continue to polish surface with un-pressured pad then remove any residues with Xpert-60 Micro-fibre Detailing Cloth.
  4. Repeat process as required.
  5. For final finishing of darker colours use Xpert-60 Xtra Hologram Remover

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