Wash & Wax Kit

Wash & Wax Kit


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Remove road dirt, grime & traffic film to leave your paintwork bright & glossy, as well as protecting the integrity of paintwork wax!


  • Snow Foam Max (3.84 L)
  • Wash & Wax Shampoo (1 L)
  • Phoenix Wheel Cleaner & Fall Out Remover (500ml)
  • Microfibre Cloths (Pack of 5)
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The Wash & Wax Kit is perfect for cleaning road dirt, grime & traffic film from your car’s exterior, leaving your paintwork bright & glossy, as well as protecting the integrity of paintwork wax!

The wash & wax kit will include Snow Foam Max. This high foaming shampoo is ideal for application using a foam sprayer / nozzle & creates a dramatic effect foaming blanket which clings to car surfaces, enhancing the cleaning action to break down & lift all heavy soiling, traffic film, dirt, grease & oil.

Also included is Wash & Wax – a luxury shampoo that cleans and preserves paintwork shine in one simple action. Wash & wax quickly removes road dirt and traffic film to leave paintwork surface clean, bright and glossy. Its neutral pH also maintains and protects the integrity of paintwork wax.

In addition to the Snow Foam Max & Nano Shampoo you will also receive Phoenix Wheel Cleaner & Fallout Remover – a colour changing wheel cleaner, paintwork & exterior de-contaminant / fallout remover. The colour changing action occurs during the cleaning / decontamination process with Phoenix reacting with iron oxide deposits & changing from clear to dark purple. Powerful and safe, Phoenix delivers an effective cleaning action & providing a high gloss finish.

Finally a pack of 5 microfibre cloths is included, perfect for buffing your cars surfaces back to that showroom shine. Due to the non-scratch properties of microfibre it is ideal for use on any surface, while the synthetic make-up creates natural static cling, vastly improving the cleaning action.

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