Green Microfibre Cloths (Pack of 10)

Green Microfibre Cloths (Pack of 10)


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Ideal for any car surface inside or out, including paintwork, glass, plastic, rubber & alloys, providing quick, professional cleaning results with minimal amounts of cleaning products required.

  • Non scratch, streak-free cleaning
  • Large 40 x 40 cm cloths
  • Economical & eco friendly
  • Suitable for all car surfaces, inside & out
  • Colour coding stops cross contamination
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The microfibre cloth has become the most popular cleaning cloth for professional cleaners. Why? Microfibre produces a quick cleaning result with minimal amounts of cleaning products required.

Due to the non-scratch properties of microfibre it can be used on any car surface inside or out, including paintwork, glass, plastic, rubber & alloys. The cloth can also soak upto eight times its own weight in moisture making it ideal for drying or soaking up spills. The synthetic make-up of the product creates natural static cling vastly improving the cleaning action of the product, reducing the need for harsh chemicals. Dirt, grease and soilage is lifted from the surface and stored within the cloth rather than just moving dirt from one surface to another. When the cloth is washed out in medium hot water it will release the dirt, soilage and any grease residues.

These cloths are available in a choice of base colours which allows you use a specific colour for specific areas of the car, reducing cross contamination of dirt & grime.

The cloth can be laundered over and over making it a far more economical solution than traditional stockinette or disposable synthetic cloths.


  • Non Scratch – Safe streak free cleaning on all surfaces
  • Absorbent – Can hold upto 8x it own weight
  • Green – Reduces the amount of wastage and chemical required
  • Multi-Use – Can be used for all cleaning surfaces
  • Colour Coding – Stops cross contamination

Hints and Tips:

Microfibre cloths are made of synthetic material. Whilst it is fine to machine wash them it should be done at a lower temperature (30-40 degrees).

If you want the cloth to remain non-scratch you should wash using a detergent and not a powder and do not use fabric conditioner.

Do NOT tumble dry, these cloths dry very quickly so there is no need to tumble dry, it will damage the cloth as well as shrinking it.

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